You can do anything;
That is the nature of freewill.
You can be cellar bound,
Or be a city on a hill.

The Lord has given you the tools
To do whatever you will choose;
But with decisions come the dues,
So live in truth or live the fool.

You can say anything;
That is the nature of free thought.
You can be trash and filth,
Or be a wonder, scripture taught.

The Lord has given you the tools,
To say whatever you may choose;
But with decisions come the dues;
So be in vain or be good news.

You can go anywhere;
That is the nature of The Lord.
You can go way off key,
Or you can be the perfect chord.

The Lord has given you the tools,
To be whatever you will choose;
But with decisions come the dues;
Now turn to false...or remain true.

Andrew Festa  (19 Dec 2014)

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden."
(Matthew 5:14, English Standard Version)

"If you choose the darkness, you live alone.
If you choose the light, you spread God's message to others
and you will never be alone."
(Andrew Festa, in service to The Lord)

The Greatest Gift

This was written for friends during Christmas, 2012,
and was meant to be used as a decoration for all
Christmas seasons. God bless to all!

Andrew Festa

The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit (the three missing pennies)

Familiarity breeds a poisonous need
for the cold edge of touch
in the mist of this illusion,
a fact not born from
the verity of life itself
but the value placed upon it.

Life is not a whole
in which we are parts and pieces,
but is itself merely a part
of that which is much greater
than the farthest reach of touch.

Why do we gather bits and pieces
of that which time and space and matter
offers to our greedy, eager grasp,
and claim to know the sum of all
based on some gathered parts?

If, in searching,
I stop with 7 pennies found,
who am I to claim to know a dime?

Andrew Festa (05/22/1997)

When push comes to shove.

Though written years ago, this is still one of my favorites.
It will make you think, but be honest with yourself in the thoughts that come.
Written 4/29/97 (10:18pm)

I want to stand
at the edge of the great precipice
wide eyed and willing
to do whatever the moment demands
   in accordance with his Will.

I want to carry my cross
willingly and without complaint,
more than prepared
to place my life
at the tender mercy
   of and in accordance with his will.

I want to proclaim boldly
   when told to be silent,
stand on his rock
   when sin begs my attention,
rest in his truth
   when told to renounce him,
turn from deception
   when asked to embrace it,
rise to the pinnacle of Christ
   when asked to sink into the illusion of this world,
stand on his truth,
rely on his Promise,
rejoice in his Glory,
give thanks for Salvation,
and proclaim to the masses
that   The Champion!!

This reality disintegrates
before our very eyes
   (assuming blindness
   does not grip our hearts to ignorance)
as if a dream which turns to nightmare
held us by the soul...

Those who believe
the Holy-Truth-of-God-the-Father
will one day awaken
from this dream-illusion
and enter his holy presence forever!

Those who do not believe
will one day awaken from the dream
and enter the eternal nightmare.

At the end of your road, questions:
   What did you do with Jesus?
   What did you do with the Light?
   How strong was your faith
       when push came to shove?

                     Andrew D. Festa

To Write Poetry

by J. Randal Matheny

This was written in an email to two dear friends in the midst of some light banter about writing. It was meant as an encouragement to them, after they expressed something of a desire to write poetry. They may have been kidding. But I took them a bit seriously, with this:

Be it just a spark, an ember's glow,
A low but earnest yearning,
A flame to be fed, let urgings grow,
Until they ignite for burning.

Life Is Wild

Dedicated to my friend Rick K., who was looking for a poem from something I'd written.

Whether you sit in a swivel chair,
Or ride a rodeo steer,
Life is wild, a challenging dare,
That in the brave strikes fear.

So go with a chuckle, belted in,
And let the winged bird fly,
Take off with God for a whirl and a spin,
Give up the whine and sigh.

With tons of faith and a bundle of grit,
You're good for the longest haul;
Look life in the eye, for the fight get fit,
Wherever you sit, sit tall.

J. Randal Matheny

The Daily Cross

by J. Randal Matheny

To follow Christ, carry the daily cross,
Deny the self, find gain in willful loss;
Renew the fire at morn and noon and night,
And stoke the flames till faith is turned to sight.

Give up your sordid life to die with the Lord,
This world's corrupt affairs you can't afford;
To live with Christ, to serve for his applause,
Is greater far than life in a selfish cause.

Between the heavens and earth our Savior died,
To an absent Father who turned away he cried;
Upon the cross he hung in pain alone,
But in death we come to know him and are known.